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MARILEN - the revolution of the bodysuit

We, Magdalena & Andreas, are a young and motivated team from Austria. We started this company with the intention of creating innovative, sustainable & beautiful bodysuits that fit like a second skin.

Our first bodysuit, named FRANCA, is a white blouse bodysuit with a feminine cut that will make you feel and look gorgeous.


Truth be told, this was not always easy & we struggled at some points. It took us about nine solid months to come up with the brand, as it is today - and we are still learning by doing.

Together with friends and family, we brainstormed, searched for fabrics, honed the cuts, and informed ourselves about the market needs. Then we brainstormed again (this time with wine glasses in our hands), until we saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

The name MARILEN is a combination of the names Marie und Lena. It’s a story of true friendship. And on top we think it sounds very lovely and international.


Magdalena grew up on an organic farm in the mountains of Austria. Since she was a little child, nature has always been her inspiration and shelter. Reckless human activity is affecting our planet day by day.

That's why we continually aim to reduce the environmental impact of our production through ongoing development. We seek to drive consciousness among people and proof that you can shop sustainably & fashionably without compromising on style.

Our garments are designed to last and manufactured with integrity. Focusing on timelessness not trends, our bodysuits have staying power.

We believe in the fact that a small change makes all the difference. 


It’s very simple: The body doesn’t need to fit to the bodysuit, it’s conversely. The MARILEN blouse bodysuit fits to women’s bodies & that’s awesome. 

MARILEN found the solution by inventing its own size chart and that’s why the blouse bodysuit fits every woman around the world. Nothing shifts and MARILEN feels like a second skin on your body. MARILEN is smart and en vogue at the same time. We created an extended size chart, which is oriented towards an optimized chart from sizes 32 – 46 (EU).

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