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i_BARRE: ballet & pilates

Aktualisiert: 20. Feb. 2020

I am really enthusiastic about working out. Hiking, horse riding, pilates, swimming,.. But when living in Vienna, I was always searching for the perfect fitness routine. Time management is very important and as I am busy most of the day, I tried to find a good alternative to my home workouts. And then it happened: My dear friend Irina opened a BARRE studio in Vienna and I just love it! It's a great mix of strengthening your body, stretching and freeing the soul for on hour.

"Barre is a relatively new and an intelligent fusion fitness trend based on ballet and pilates principles. You get a total body and comprehensive workout as you lift, tone, sculpt and lengthen your muscles through isometric and isolated movements and focus on proper alignment/form, flexibility and posture."

The studio is located in the 4th district in Vienna. Find more info here:

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